Sharenya & Dilip

We did our Engagement & Parisam May 18 2019 at Foo Chow Building. This year we got married. We had our weddings in both our cultures. Dilip is a Catholic hence we held our Church wedding(ROM) + reception on 22/2/2020. Wedding at St. Francis of Assisi followed by dinner reception at Suntec City Convention Centre. & since Sharenya is a Hindu, we held our traditional wedding on 21/3/2020 at Thendayuthapani Temple, Tank Road.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

Our 2nd walk-in at our reception with our family & close friends was very memorable. We didn't have much time to practice but our friends & family didn't complain about the time constraint & cooperated well with us.

What were the biggest challenges planning your wedding? Or at the actual wedding?

Since we had 2 weddings, church & temple wedding, we had so many things to do. Juggling with work & planning for both our events were a big challenge to us. & not to forget the biggest challenge, COVID-19. Our Church wedding was held on the 22/2 & the precautionary measures of temperature taking & contact tracing were implemented. We had to make sure that our guests co-operated with the implementation. & during our temple wedding on the 21/3, there was an additional precautionary measure of not more than 250 pax during a function. But we had a guestlist of more than 600 pax. So we had to get some of our family & friends to take count of the number of pax, & allow the entry through batches. This was the most HECTIC part. But all went smoothly.

How did your overcome the challenges?

Definitely with the help of our families & our beloved friends. Our cousins even created a QR code for our guests to input their details to make the process even faster & smoother.

What was something you wish was done better?


Was there something unique or special you added to your wedding?

Yes, our 2nd outfit for our reception was an unique idea. Dilip liked the green coat when he first saw it, & so I bought the same cloth & sew a long jacket to be similar to his. The black dress I wore was also stitched by our tailor. The most special thing is when our family surprised us with the guest appearance of PU4LYF artists. Sheezay, Santhesh, Siddharth & Rabbit Mac. They knew that Dilip and I always enjoyed their music. These guys made our reception so memorable. The Huge Screen @ Suntec City with our photoshoot photos. The groom surprised the bride with a frame with the photos of her late parents & grandparents right in front of the manavarai. It meant so much to everyone.