The Vivegans

#FireTheGans, it’s time for #ViSheeSham!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

Both our wedding ceremonies have memories etched to our hearts that words can’t explain. It’s that first look down the aisle. It’s the love of our families and friends that celebrated and rejoiced with us. It’s getting legally married with the sky as our background and to coldplay’s hymm for the weekend. It’s hearing and seeing vivegan whistling as I walked in to our favourite tamil song cover by govind vasantha just before we finally tied the knot. Every moment in this journey was emotional and it was truly ours to hold on to forever.

What were the biggest challenges planning your wedding? Or at the actual wedding?

Ours was literally what they call a covid wedding. We went through the cancellation phase, the postponement phase, and the ‘waiting for regulations to ease’ phase. Our plans had to constantly change with the covid climate and since both of our families were big, it was also a challenge to downscale the wedding.

How did your overcome the challenges?

Even though we had to downscale the wedding, we made sure nothing else downscaled in comparison. We found solutions and worked through it. I think that’s what mattered..that willingness to go with the flow and to be determined for a wedding to happen no matter the circumstances. Our hearts go out to all the couples who have planned to get married during this phase and our advice to all of them is to always trust the process and things will fall into place eventually.

What was something you wish was done better?

Personally, we feel that there’s nothing we could have wished for better in. Surprisingly, we were both calm in our wedding celebrations and everything went smoothly despite the roller coaster ride this covid has given us all. This is all thanks to our families, friends, and, vendors who have given us the support that we needed throughout this journey. We’ll always be grateful to them.

Was there something unique or special you added to your wedding?

What was special about our wedding celebrations was that it reflected the quirky us and our personalities. A lot of the ideas were unique to us and that’s what made it ours. We truly explored colours in all of our celebrations as we wanted it to be fun and lively! For the rom solemnisation, we held it at Stellar restaurant, 1-altitude. We initially didn’t have a theme but we were certain that we wanted florals, a bright neon light decor quoting coldplay, colours on our outfits, and for some of our favourite colours in our decor. Bloomen guided us and we chose something that suited us both and one that many may worry to choose - a bright and bold autumn orange theme with subtle pastel hues. In the end, we received compliments for pulling off a colourful wedding with ideas and suits that are uncommon and we’re glad that it worked out well to show that bold and bright can also be beautiful. This is all thanks to Bloomen, who made this all possible. For our traditional wedding, small details from the decor to the garlands to the wedding gifts were all colourful. Instead of a usual ladoo, we had an icing cookie with henna design and our initials on it. Our outfits were also special to us because again, we wanted our looks to reflect us in them. Vivegan wore a checkered veshti to pair his gold kanchipuram pattu top and Sheena chose a turquoise bridal saree with a deep plum purple bridal blouse embroidered with purple and green gemstones. Both were designed for its first time by colours boutique. No one knew how it was going to look on us and if it was worthy as a wedding look but we were confident in our choices and that’s what made it work so perfectly on our wedding day. No regrets at all! :) Rom: Venue & Planner: Stellar restaurant, 1 Altitude by 1-Host group Decor: @Bloomenco Suit: @Theflamingosuits Gown: @Digiobridal Lehenga: @Akankshagajria Mua: @makeupbyroxx Neon light: Photographer: @tinkytee Temple wedding: Venue: Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniar Temple Decor: @sgspteltd Wedding garlands: @vedaflowerssg Wedding doorgifts: @jays_delicacies Outfits: @colours_boutique_singapore Mua: @looksstudio Photographer: @tinkytee