Theeba & Sam

Our ROM/traditional marriage and reception was ALL held in Thendayuthapani temple on 9th November 2019 morning. A 3 in 1 kalyanam!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

The most memorable moment was walking into the wedding hall with my friends and family, looking at my husband who was eagerly waiting for me. I will forever treasure the moment when Sam tied the thali sealing the deal forever and ever. Our solemnisation was filled with a lot of awkward yet funny moments amongst my loved ones.

What were the biggest challenges planning your wedding? Or at the actual wedding?

Our wedding was a breeze as we had the support of our family and friends so all the ceremonies went smoothly as planned. Waking up at 2 am for my makeup artist was really difficult, but my wedding started at 8 am so I had no choice. I had to be ready and be at the temple at 7.30 am.

How did your overcome the challenges?


What was something you wish was done better?


Was there something unique or special you added to your wedding?

The unique part about my wedding was the food arrangement. My husband owns Ambur Briyani catering. Hence, we brought in chefs from India to cook mouth watering dishes. We had about 15 dishes specially made for our wedding guests and all of them were well-received.